Royal Palace

Palatine Library

The Palatine Library is made up of three rooms fitted with bookshelves and two reading rooms. The bookcases hold a permanent book collection. The first room designed to hold books has a fresco depicting The Planisphere surrounded by the signs of the zodiac and by the constellations, created based on a design by Carlo Vanvitelli (1739-1821). The second room of the library, painted with ancient designs by the ornamentalist, Gaetano Magri (eighteenth century), leads through to the third and last room, with frescoes were created by Heinrich Friedrich Füger with themes taken from the classical repertoire: The Parnassus with Apollo and the Three Graces, Envy and Wealth, The School of Athens, The Protection of the Arts and driving out Ignorance. Another of the room's eye-catching features is a pair of painted wooden globes created by Didier Robert de Vaugondy.