Royal Palace

Throne Room

The Throne Room, which is forty metres long, was completed in 1845 for the occasion of the Science Conference, at the instigation of Ferdinand II of Bourbon. The ends of the ceiling display eye-catching bass-reliefs in gilded stucco of Fame, sculpted by Tito Angelini (1806-1878) and Tommaso Arnaud (1800-1860). In contrast, the long walls are marked by 28 fluted twin Corinthian columns, with capitals sculpted by Gennaro Aveta, who also created the lintels with the Bourbon symbols and the accolades of the Kingdom. The architrave of the room is decorated with portraits of the rulers, from Ruggiero the Norman to Ferdinand II of Bourbon. The ceiling is dominated by a Gennaro Maldarelli fresco depicting The Laying of the First Stone (1844) of the Palace of Caserta, which actually took place on 20 January 1752.