Royal Palace

Winter Room


The frescoes in the Winter Room, previously designated the "room where the King dresses and undresses", were created by Fedele Fischetti (1732-1792) and Filippo Pascale (second half of the eighteenth century) with the myth of Boreas raping Orizia. In the medallions that surround the central fresco, we find depictions of the myth of Venus and Adonis. Jacob Philipp Hackert (1737-1807) can be credited with the paintings on the walls, from left: Military drills at Santa Maria della Piana, close to Sessa Aurunca, Hunt in the Cratere degli Astroni, Ferdinand IV hunting for wild boar at Calvi, Hunt for wild boar from the Venafro bridge and finally Military drills at Gaeta on 19 May 1787. The furnishings comprise divans and chairs in white and gold wood with depictions of cherubs busy with agricultural activities. At the centre of the room is a circular table with a top of semi-precious stones.