Royal Palace

Golden Age Room

The “Queen’s quarters” also include the “Conversation room” or “Audience room”, better known as the Golden-Age room after the fresco in the vault, dated 1779, by Fedele Fischetti assisted by decorative painter Gaetano Magri. The overdoors – four oil paintings on canvas with mixtilinear frames, depicting the liberal arts – are the work of Giuseppe Bonito not long before 1782. The room is furnished with four sofas, ten chairs, a chaise longue and a set of wooden armchairs with painted palmette decorations.
The room also contains some important paintings, i.e. designs for the tapestries made by the Royal Workshop at San Carlo alle Mortelle for the wedding chamber of the Royal Palace of Naples created for Ferdinand IV and Maria Carolina. They include works by Giuseppe Bonito, Pompeo Batoni, Francesco de Mura and Corrado Giaquinto.