Royal Palace

Apartment of Her Majesty Queen Maria Carolina


The apartment of Her Majesty Queen Maria Carolina is made up of four small rooms decorated in the rocaille style. The walls of the Study are covered with satin and framed with mirrors produced at the royal factory in Catellammare. The chandelier in bronze and wood, embellished with little tomatoes which allude to the fertility of the land of Campania, is probably a work by Gennaro Fiore (second half of the eighteenth century) and the brass coating specialist, Francesco Serio (eighteenth century).
The second small room is known as the Gabinetto degli Stucchi, or Stuccowork Closet. The walls are decorated with mirrors embellished with garlands of flowers, and the furnishings include armchairs "à la duchesse", a parietal table and corner consoles with "fior di persico" marble tops.
In the room, suspended in front of the window bay is a clock in the form of a cage. The Mirror Room leads, via a pair of small doors, to the bathroom and the lavatory.