San Giorgio La Molara, Benevento, 1757 - ?, 1830

Tommaso Bucciano

Tommaso Bucciano's first works are marked by rococo elements, whilst during the period 1771-1773 we find him, with a royal stipend, at the school of wooden sculpture of Gaspare Castelli. Having established himself as a modeller in Ferdinand's royal workshop, in 1789 he headed to Rome to perfect his drawing skills. There are records of portraits painted in Caserta of Queen Maria Carolina and King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon (1788), perhaps despatched outside of the Kingdom. Also in Caserta, he created the lintels with Allegories of the Arts for the Halberdiers Room. His works in porcelain included the Bust of Maria Carolina Murat (1812) in biscuit ware, now at the National Museum of Capodimonte.