Sciacca, 1766 - Naples, 1850

Giuseppe Cammarano

A student of Domenico Chelli, for a few years Giuseppe Cammarano collaborated with his master on the creation of the scenery for the Theatre of San Carlo in Naples, then worked in the workshop of Fedele Fischetti, and in 1786 he moved to Rome to complete his training. Under Murat, he created a number of frescos in the eighteenth-century wing of the Palace of Caserta, including: Minerva crowning Art and Science and the Glory of Theseus for slaying the Minotaur. Once the Bourbons had returned to the throne, he completed the fresco on the ceiling of the Theatre of San Carlo with The exaltation of the great poets and the glory of the Bourbons (1816) and various decorations in the rooms of the Royal Palace of Naples, taking a central role in advising on and defining the assignments. He was professor of painting and later of drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, an institution where he also took on the role of deputy director.