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Gaetano Salomone

Active in Naples between 1757 and 1789, Gaetano Salomone was appointed professor of sculpture at the Academy of San Carlo alle Mortelle, having been proposed by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli. One year later he was given the task of creating the statues of the Four Seasons for the upper hall of the Villa Campolieto at Resina, and in 1781 he worked on the church of the Annunciation in Naples. Between 1777 and 1785, he also worked in Caserta where he sculpted the stucco model of the statue of Saint Gennaro and cherub for the Palatine Chapel and the statue of Truth for the Royal Staircase. In the midst of on-going works in Caserta, he stood out for his solutions of form closely linked to the rococo of Giuseppe Sanmartino, free from the influence of the iconographic and stylistic choices of the architect, Luigi Vanvitelli.