Naples, 1729 - Naples, 1814

Francesco Celebrano

Sculptor, painter and modeller of crib figurines, Francesco Celebrano's works clearly reflected his training in the Solimena sphere, but were also brought in line with the methods of Giuseppe Bonito and Francesco De Mura. His greatest works, which can be dated after 1769, are characterised by the influence of Solimena, by experiences in Rome along the lines of Maratta, and by a precious chromatism inspired by the late Giaquinto. Examples of this pictorial phase that can still be admired include the decoration of the ceilings of two rooms in the Palazzo Sangro in Naples, the canvases of the Minster of Santa Maria delle Grazia in Cerreto Sannita and the works for the Parish Church of San Salvatore telesino. Between 1772 and 1781, thanks to his skills in illustrating court life, he was nominated director of the porcelain factory at Capodimonte, an assignment during which he developed a personal fusion of the popular fascination of contemporary crib work and the landscape painting of Pietro Fabris.