Naples, 1759 - Naples, 1822

Antonio De Simone

Of the life of this architect, who was active in the first half of the 19th century, nothing is known. His work can be seen in Naples in the form of Palazzo Corigliano (1803-13), Palazzo Pignatelli di Monteleone (1806) and the chapel of the Royal Palace. In the Napoleonic era, de Simone took over from Carlo Vanvitelli in directing the works on Caserta Palace, where he decorated the Mars and Astraea rooms in a decidedly neoclassical vein. From 1812 to 1818, he worked in Naples on other projects, including Murat’s Forum (now Piazza Plebiscito), the renovation of San Carlo theatre (1816) and that of the Throne Room in the Royal Palace (1818).